Sunday, July 24, 2016

Snakes and Salamanders

 Day #10 Journal

Tuesday, July 19, 2016.

Today's classes were Communications and Education. In communications we didn't do much, but go over our upcoming assignments. The one I'm a bit nervous about doing is the starting line-up video because most of the people in my group are busy, including myself. In education, we are starting our first assignment, which is creating an infographic for a specific topic. My group is Hannah, April and I  and our topic is about endangered languages because we wanted to go for a unique topic and it was something we all have a common interest in.

In Gear Up 101, we went over a couple of insightful presentations about making a Resume and Cover Letter. I'm glad for having Gear Up 101 because it is very helpful for learning important information about college that I would otherwise not have known.

Water, Wildlife and Wilderness was interesting. Since yesterday's animal was the raptors, today's animals were amphibians: salamanders, frogs, tortoises, and snakes. Many people are afraid to touch these kinds of animals, but I really like holding them and petting them. There were so many different kinds of salamanders that I can't really remember all of their names,  but I remember one was called a Tiger Salamander. We got to look at two little frogs, a small tortoise and a snapping turtle, and we also got to hold a corn snake and a hog-nose snake. The snakes were really tricky to hold, but once they got comfortable, they were nice to hold. A lot of people fear snakes, but I just think the harmless ones are cute.

Amphibians Galore!!!

Lunch was at Bowman's Den, which makes me really happy every time we go because I like the Chic-Fil-A and I like to grab some Starbuck's while I'm there. For the rest of the day, we really didn't do much, but study hour and dinner.

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