Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hiking and Rappelling

Day #12 Journal

Wednesday, July 21, 2016

For communications class, my group and I presented our starting line-up video. Sure, it was kind of last-minute, but we got it done! Our video mostly consisted of us goofing around in the library and talking about what we learned about each other. It was good that we got to hang out, even if it was a little bit, and it was really good to get to know Ethan, Megan, and Bray better. In the video we also had to include our group logo. Our logo is a dabbing Squidward with a pineapple, and it reads, "dabbing is the way of life." This project taught us how to collaborate as a group, and I thought it was very effective.

In EDU class, we are working on the bibliography for our infographic. It was a little frustrating trying to figure out how to format it, but it was relieving to know we finally got it done.In GUK 101, we had a couple of speakers come to teach us some interviewing and attire tips. These tips were very helpful and I'll definitely keep them in mind for when I interview for a job.

Miguel's Pizza!
For our final day in Water, Wildlife, and Wilderness, we went rappelling and learned how to backpack at Red River Gorge! After hiking for about a mile into the woods, we reached the 80-foot-cliff we were going the rappel off of. We were separated into two groups: one for rappelling and one for backpacking. I was the last in the first to rappel down the cliff and was very nervous about it. But once I slowly stepped my way down, I felt great for facing my fears. In the backpacking group, we—you guessed it—learned how to properly strap on a hiking backpack. Our instructor, Geri, told me that she once had to carry a backpack that weighed at least 70 pounds with how much supplies she had to bring! Once we were all finished rappelling, we all hiked a mile back to the vans and went straight to the pizza place, Miguel's, for dinner. There, we got to order our own personal pizzas with a limit of $10. Some students actually bought a whole pizza, but I only got two slices.

Water, Wildlife, and Wilderness!

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