Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sick-ish Day and Some Art

Day #6 Journal

Friday, July 15, 2016

My three classes today didn't go as well today. And no—it was not because the classes themselves were bad, but it was because I wasn't feeling very well, which made it harder to enjoy Acting class. When I moved on to Music class, I was still feeling under the weather, and participated until I couldn't tolerate my aching stomach any longer. I then had to have an IA drive me back to my dorm so that I could lay down and rest through my next class. A little bit upset about missing photography class, I felt so much better from resting up anyway.  Once I got up, though, I had to throw on my outfit and high heels really quick before heading out to go to the art show planned for today.

When I got on the bus, I was surprised when a lot of other students complimented me on my high heels. They're gold and silver with small studs and the bottoms are red. When mom got them for me, I knew I liked them myself, but I didn't think so many people would like them. I even had pictures taken of them. Since I was rushed, I also realized that I'd forgotten my camera and couldn't take pictures. But I tried not to be too upset because I know I could always blog about my experiences or just commit the moments to my memory.

When we went to UK's School of Visual Arts building near downtown Lexington, we did three different activities: taking pictures using the old-fashioned pin-hole cameras, listening to a presentation about all the degrees offered in art at UK, then painting chinese characters with brushes. Each activity was very fun and interesting. Overall, I think that the art show was such a good idea because this means that GearUp is really making sure to include the interests of some of the artistic students. I, myself, love to draw, paint, and do any other visual art activity, so it makes me feel that UK is considering my interests as well as other students that love not only to create art, but ones that like to view it as well.

After the art show, it was finally time for the Lexington's Gallery Hop. My group, group 10, went to a couple of different galleries such as one called Sparks and Marks, which was a gallery that consisted mostly of these really cool metal statues. We also went to an art gallery that took place in the Christ Church Cathedral, which had a lot of abstract art made from spray paint and some funny digital paintings of cartoons. All of the printings were for sale, and I was sad that I hadn't brought any money to buy any. But it was okay because it's probably best to save it anyway.

 The last art gallery we went to (we had gone to a couple of others between these three galleries) was a very neat display in the Lexington Public Library called Interpretations by Angie Lister and Tom Monarch. What these two artists do is take a photo and transform it into the way they each see it, except they both have different methods: Monarch recreates the original image using photo-manipulating computer software, while Lister uses a physical paint brush and canvas. The artists developed this concept in order to settle the argument about whether or not painting is becoming obsolete or whether or not digital art is lazy. Using their skills, they've shown us that art created either way takes just as much effort and creativity and the outcome is just as stunning.

Over all, I'm really glad that I went to the Gallery Hop because I got the chance to view other beautiful and unique art pieces. It's amazing that many of the paintings and statues have different meanings behind them that are either yet to be discovered or left for the viewer to decide. I may never understand the artist's perspective, but that's what makes art so interesting to me.

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