Monday, July 25, 2016

I've Got Lots of Work to do

Day #11 Journal

Tuesday, July 20, 2016

My partner, April, and I performed our open scene in acting class and it turned out to be pretty funny and amusing. In our scene, April represented a person who was simply trying to enjoy a book while sitting in the library. On the other hand, I'm supposed to represent "that one annoying friend" and won't stop bothering her while she is reading. The actions, objectives and obstacles are different for both characters. For instance, my character's objectives were to just get my friend to talk to me, my actions were to annoy her until she pays full attention, and my obstacle was April's concentration on her book. For April's character, her objective was to finish her book, her action, obviously, was to read each page, and her obstacle was my character trying to direct her attention from the book. When we finished the class clapped and said we did good.

In Performing World Music, I'm working on a part of Rose Rhythm that's a little bit harder than what I played before. We're now finally able to use sticks with our drums which makes it even better. The song is sectioned out into several different parts that, of course, require both stick and hand. It's very difficult to learn, but I know we'll get the song down by the time Show Case comes.

In photographic literacy, we're going over our next assignment, which involves taking a portrait picture that is supposed to describe life at the dorms. I don't know what I'm going to take a picture of yet, but hopefully I figure out soon. Once pictures are uploaded though, we get to analyze each others photos and critique them.

I'm a little stressed out about GUK 101 class because we have to do a cover letter, resume, a college application, and a 300-word discussion post! Though a bit overwhelming, I know it's good that the work is hard because it prepares me for what college will really be like. I'm relieved that I got plenty of library time to at least get half of the work done. I'm especially relieved that my group's starting line-up video is finished!

Water, Wildlife and Wilderness was interesting. Today we went over to UK's Natural Resources and Environmental Science building and tested water in two different locations using various tools and chemicals. We first tested water at NRES's rain garden and then tested water in the nearby creek. The results, of course, showed that the water was healthy (though I still wouldn't recommend drinking it). After the class, we still had at least thirty extra minutes, so we took an impromptu trip to UK's Commonwealth Stadium where they actually held a Pokémon Go session. Unfortunately, there were so many people under the server at once that hardly anyone in our group could play. But it's still amazing that UK had the stadium open for FREE. This usually doesn't happen...or at least not often.

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