Thursday, July 21, 2016

My First Saturday

Day #7 Journal
Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ahhh, Saturday. The best day of the me, at least. What I really appreciated about this morning is that I got a little bit extra sleep than usual because we didn't have to be downstairs in the lobby until 8:30 instead of 7:45 as usual.

 Today we did some community service by branching out to different groups called FUSION placements. We had different kinds of work to do depending on our interests and our choices. My FUSION group was at the St. Agnes House, which is a temporary home for people to stay in when they or a loved one have a medical condition and are unable to take care of their self. It is a very generous organization because people who stay can pay $10 a night, or if they're having financial troubles, they can stay for free. The St. Agnes House is also centered mostly on prayer and even has a small chapel in the very front of the building. At this FUSION placement, we were to clean up and/or organize every room and common area. We mopped, dusted, scrubbed, and vacuumed. My role was to be in charge of everyone and make sure they had enough supplies in order to clean everything properly. It was difficult at time to run up and down the stairs, but I enjoyed this because I like to organize and clean things and I am skilled at this. I also liked this because I felt great and accomplished knowing that I was helping such a good cause.

After this, my group went back to Woodland Glen IV to eat lunch, which I'm very glad was a Jimmy John's sub and some potato chips. During this time, we had plenty of time to just chill, hang out, do laundry, or maybe catch up on some homework. Since I was downstairs, I decided to join the "coloring group", a group in which another student, Juniper, hosted. She was very kind as to let me and many other students borrow her colored pencils and markers, and let us color pictures from a coloring book she had. This was very generous of her and I'm glad we got to hang out.

The picture I chose to color was a dragon. I worked on it for probably over an hour, using colors such as a pretty sea blue, orange, pink, red, and some gold. Some people may think that coloring is a bit childish, but frankly, I think coloring has a calming effect and is good for stress.

Later, After dinner, my friends Leeana, Erica, and Jillian and I all decided to have a make over. Since I had a lot of make up, I went over to my dorm really quick to grab all of my makeup and we all joined in Erica's dorm. In there, we listened to music and did each others' make up and hair. The best one at doing make up was Erica because she learned all of her skills from watching YouTube videos. She did Jillian's makeup really dark because Jillian wanted the marvelous "Gothic look", and she did Leeana's makeup very delicate and beautifully as they would on Broadway. I didn't really have my makeup done because I don't like how cake-y it feels on my face, but I did however like Jillian and Leeana's looks.

Even later that night, Leeana and I decided to go downstairs and to see what movie was playing for movie night. Since we waited a little late, we missed the first movie, but by the time we got there, another movie was just starting: The Addams Family Values. There really wasn't many other students down there, and pretty soon enough it was just me, Leeana, and another student, Samuel watching the movie until it ended. After the movie, we decided to watch Gabriel Iglacias until it was curfew. I liked the movie and the three of us had a lot of fun watching it.

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