Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Next Two Classes

Day #5 journal

Thursday, July 14, 1016

Today started my last two classes: Composition & communications class and Education class (hooray!). In my communications class, we took a quiz to test and see what kind of group member we would be when it comes to group conflict. (eg. Are you a group member that always has to be right or are you one who likes to completely avoid conflict?). When I took my quiz, my results showed that I was a turtle, or someone who hates conflict and always runs from it. These results, I leanred, are not the best because sometimes conflict is essential in group projects. For instance, if everyone all agreed on an idea just to avoid conflict, the end result wouldn't be as good as it could be because no one argued for something better. Another thing we did in this class was get into groups to work on our first project: a starting line-up video! In my group were Ethan, Megan, and Bray (I don't know all of their last names).

My education class was a lot of fun. The very first thing we did was a "get-to-know-you" kind of exercise. What we did was each say our name and list one item we'd bring to our Red River Gorge trip. We were to do this and remember everything else everyone had said. This memory game was very tricky but nonetheless helped me to actually remember a lot of people's names. After this activity, my group and I were given our first assignment for EDU class: finding persuasive techniques used in commercials.

Today, for the first time for lunch, we got to eat at Bowman's Den-- an eating place similar to The 90 (our usual place to eat at), except at this place, we have Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express, Subway, and Starbucks! The first thing I got was Chick-Fil-A's yummy chicken sandwich and some waffle fries. When I was finished eating, I went over to Starbucks for a nice tall s'mores frappuccino (this may be my most favorite thing to get at Starbucks from now on).

After lunch, our whole group gathered into a building to learn about the ACT and different strategies to use when taking each part. Three main things I learned were (1) never let one question burn your time, (2) don't stop to read directions, (3) look for key words in reading passage and pay attention to style and structure.

After this presentation, we moved onto one where a professor came in to teach us about our different kinds of personalities using the Myers and Brigg's method. This method gives you four letters that estimate your personality type. My results showed that I am an ISTJ, or introverted, a sensor, a thinker, and a judge-r. This means that I'm a very analytical person and I think logically. I also like to take on big responsibilities and be a leader. Most of the information about an ISTJ was accurate for me.

The last thing I did today was Trivia Night. During trivia night, anyone who wanted to participate all got into teams to play a game that reminded me a lot of the game Jeopardy. In this game, we were given three different categories for each round that each had one question to answer. For instance, if the category was food, we'd get a question about food. In the start of the game, my team was in last place, but at the end, we jumped up to 3rd place (out of four teams). This was actually very surprising since we were at least 10 points behind third place.

As every day, this day was a lot of fun. This makes me really happy about the program because we are always kept on our feet and there is always something planned for us to do. This can actually be very stressful at times, but at least it's a challenge that will build us up for when we actually start college.


  1. Hey Shaylee! It is so good to see that you are enjoying your time at the academy. I love how thorough you are in your blog posts, please keep up the GREAT work and keep us updated with the beautiful pictures you take!